Opgevaren Meesters en Adepten van de Grote Witte Broederschap

Zondag 25 juni 2017

12.00 - 16.30


Geheimen van de engelen van Goddelijke Vrede 

Engelen healing van je emotionele lichaam


- Engelen Healing  van je emotionele lichaam
- Bezoek aan de etherische retraite van Aartsengel Uriel
- Activatie van de engelen vlam van Vrede in je Solar engelen chakra 
- Nemen in ontvangst 10.000 engelen van Goddelijke Vrede van Aartsengel Uriel

Prijs: €35,-

Meld je per e-mail voor deze les aan: goldenleaf@live.nl 

Lees hier meer over de Engelen School: ENGELEN SCHOOL 2017



The difference between the saint and the non-saint is the difference between the individual who has elected to be God and the one who considers it blasphemy to elect to be God and therefore does nothing.

Selfishness and the want of selfsacrifice are the greatest impediments on the Path of adeptship

De Opgevaren Meesters zijn verlichte spirituele wezens die ooit op aarde leefden, net zoals wij nu. Gedurende vele levens van devotie en inspanningen, vervulden ze hun missie en de reden van hun bestaan hun goddelijk plan - en maakten vervolgens hun Hemelvaart waarbij ze terugkeerden naar hun goddelijke oorsprong in de etherische octaven van het licht waar zij herenigd werden met het Goddelijke Licht. Alle Opgevaren Meesters zijn geheel vrij van hun negatieve karma. Daarom kunnen ze kiezen waar ze in het Universum willen dienen. Ze kunnen dan de beslissing maken om te helpen met de ontwikkeling van de aarde of om naar andere werelden toe te gaan. Vele Opgevaren Meesters hebben ervoor gekozen om met de zielen op aarde verbonden te blijven en hun te begeleiden op het Pad van zelftransformatie en persoonlijke meesterschap wat in feiten het Pad van de Adept inhoud. Het zijn ware leraren van de mensheid die de spirituele vooruitgang begeleiden van alle spirituele zoekers die herenigd willen worden met het Goddelijk bewustzijn en eigen Hogere Zelf. Adepten in tegenstelling van Opgevaren Meesters blijven vanuit vrije wil hier op aarde om spiritueel werk te verrichten en lichtbalans te houden voor onze planeet. Ze stellen hun initiatie van de Hemelvaart uit (zoals de Indiase adept Babaji) om persoonlijk zijn leerlingen naar het Licht toe te begeleiden.

Een Adept is een levend voorbeeld van een verlicht mens die bewust voor zijn Goddelijke natuur in de plaats van de menselijke Ego heeft gekozen. Dankzij eigen inspanning en zelfdiscipline beschikt hij over bovennatuurlijke krachten en heeft een enorm sterk energieveld rond zich heen. Een Adept lijkt op een zonnecentrale voor iedereen die met hem in aanraking komt. Hij straalt licht, liefde, genezing, wijsheid en zelfcontrole uit. De Adept is een perfect voorbeeld van zelfbeheersing en heeft bewezen om zijn krachten alleen in het spirituele voordeel van de mens te gebruiken.

"Een adept zijn betekent dat je een zeker meesterschap hebt wat betreft het vasthouden van het Licht die aan jou gegeven is, het kristalliseren van de Gods vlam binnen in je en van de Geest van God. Het betekent dat je niet naar rechts of naar links, naar boven of naar beneden geduwd wordt door omstandigheden, door wat er op je weg komt. Adeptschap is onbewogen blijven, in het middelpunt van de Tai Chi zijn, jezelf in de hoogste zin te kennen als God maar nooit als een menselijke god. Een God die de plats heeft ingenomen van de mens, dat is het doel van eenheid."

"Jullie allemaal hebben de gelegenheid om adeptschap te bereiken. Je moet eenvoudigweg besluiten dat dat je doel is." - Opgevaren Meesters -

Ieder mens die een brandende innerlijke intentie heeft om het Pad van de Adept te volgen word onmiddellijk herkent vanuit de etherische sferen van het Licht door de leden van Grote Witte Broederschap die voor de training van de neofiet(nieuweling) gaan zorgen.

It is not necessary to leave one's place of residence, in order to come close to a Master ...The man who seeks, purely, unselfishly, strenuously, to come to the Light is known at once by the Masters, in whatever part of the world that man may abide. And to the measure of his aspiration and his capability for receiving the Light of Wisdom, that Light is given to him.

To offer oneself as candidate for chelaship is easy enough; to develop into an Adept is the most difficult task any man could possibly undertake.

Preparation for adeptship needs great self-control. That control is necessary to sustain the levels that the Ascended Masters would bring us to.

The Great Ones are not teachers, whose primary task is to give instruction in phylosophy, to perform occult phenomena and to explane the problem of liberation of mankind.They have made clear to us that their task is that of helping to diminish human missery for all people on earth. They concern themselves primarily with the fact : how to lift a little of the heavy karma of the world.

Ascended Masters can greatly assist us daily on our spiritual path. They can tutor and guide us at inner levels. The masters are our spiritual coaches who can help us to overcome our weaknesses and to develop and leverage our strengths. They inspire and guide us to become all that we are meant to be. Each master is a teacher in the truest sense of the word - one who wants us not only to match his attaiment but to go beyond it. As real teachers and champions of our soul, the masters inspire us to persevere on the homeward path.

What spiritual master do you feel close to? Gautama Buddha, Krishna or Kuan Yin? Jesus, Padre Pio or Mother Mary? Try to imitate that master's virtues. Pray to that master. In any given situation, ask yourself, what would he do? What choice would she make? You can talk with your master throughout the day. Don't stop knocking on the master's door and asking for teaching about what you need to know to accelerate your self-mastery.

It is the ultimate destiny of all of us on Earth to so purify ourselves, our souls and to so accelerate in consciousness that we become immortal, God-free beings as the Ascended Masters already are....

The man who aspires to approach the Masters can reach them only by making himself unselfish as they are unselfish.

Ascended Master El Morya says that the surest way you have an opening to have a direct relationship to an Ascended Master is to see that you balance your karma. The more you can reduce the mountains of your karma the more you can get closer to Ascended Masters and have one-on-one relationship with them.

El Morya says that he is not taking on chelas unless those chelas give more than they take!

Do you want to become a chela of an Ascended Master, prove than yourself to them. How it works? We can perform the work for the Masters because we have physical bodies and we can serve on the physical plane. What can we do for the Masters? Work. Do what you can to help the progress of humanity in Master's way.

Ascended Master Kuthumi says:" You must find work for yourself; you know what we are doing. Throw yourself into our work in any way you can for lifting up the sorrow of this world. If I give you a definite piece of work to do, you will perform it, but in that case the karma of what was done would be mine, because I told you to do it. You would have only the karma of willing obedience, which of course is very good, but it is not the karma of initiating a fruitful line of actioin. I want you to initiate work for yourself, because then the karma of the good deed will come to you."

Remember that all good work is the Master's work. The disciple of the Master has to look round and see what there is to do which is within his power. In the Master's business no part is more important than any other, though some portions are more difficult than others and therefore require special training or unusual faculties or abilities.

As your lights shines, the adepts, the ascended masters instantly take note of you and begin to assist you on your Path!

The aspirant must 'knock' at the door of the Master by deeds of self-sacrifice; he must create such an accumulation of karma on the good side that he proves that he has stepped out of the ranks of the many, and is offering to join the small band of those who are pledged 'to lift a little the heavy karma of the world'. Aspirant must have created a sufficient force of good karma before the 'gates' which lead to the entrance to the Path will open. It is by sacrifices of various kinds, involving discomfort, suffering, renunciation, etc, in a noble cause, that increases 'the stock of good karma'.

A chela is a person who has offered himself to a master as a pupil to learn practically the hidden mysteries of nature and the physical powers latent in man. The master who accepts him is called in India a Guru; and the real Guru is always an Adept.

An Adept is a man of profound knowledge, exoteric an esoteric, who has brought his carnal nature under the subjection of the will; who has developed in himself the power to control the forces of nature and the capacity to probe her secrets by helping mankind. A true Adept realizes that all time which is not spent in service or fitting himself for service is for the Brotherhood the lost time..

Chelaship is an educational as well as a probationary stage and the chela alone can determine whether it shall end in adeptship or failure. Chelas from a mistaken idea of our system too often watch and wait for orders, wasting precious time which should be taken up with personal effort. The cause of Brotehrhood needs missionaries, devotees, agents, even martyrs perhaps. So now choose and grasp your own destiny if you want to follow the Path of personal Christhood!

The first duty of a chela is to hear without anger anything the Guru may say.

When a man comes into close relation with the Master he has much more power than he had before. How careful than must the pupil be to see that the enhanced thought-power, with which his connection with his Master has endowed him, shall be used always to strengthen and never to weaken those towards whom it is directed.

Before speaking, always consider

how what you say will affect others

Thoughts and feelings of an undesirable kind must be rigorously excluded; you must work at them until they are impossible to you.Touches of irritability ruffle the calm sea of the cosciousness of the Brotherhood. Pride must be eliminated, fot it is a serious bar to progress. Exquisite dilicacy of thought and speech is needed. Start realizing how important everything you think, everything you feel, everything you do is weighing on whether the Master will increase his sponsorship of you or whether he will leave you there ten or twenty years until you deal with such things as your psychology.

The Masters don't like to be around any of us when our energies drop below the level of the heart and are negative in vibration. So if you want to keep the Masters walking and talking with you, the surest thing you must do is to keep your harmony with yourself and with the world. Keep you energies in balance centered in your heart!

Qualifications expected in a chela by his Guru

Vital physical body - keep your body fit and clear

Absolute mental and physical purity

Unselfishness of purpose

Universal charity


Unswerving faith in the law of Karma - be prepeared to balance your karma

Courage in every emergency

Intuition above intellectual reasoning

Emotional self-control - resistance against irritability

Surrender to the Divine Will

Service to life

Ability to work together : " Remember this: if you cannot get alone with or serve your fellowman or your fellow chela on the path, then you won't get along with or serve the ascended masters. And so we withdraw from those who call themselves chelas but who fail in their service to and with each other."


The Path of discipleship has come down to us from antiquity, from ancient Lemuria and from beyond this planetary system. It is one of the great mysteries of cosmos. It is the Guru - chela relationship, the Master and the disciple.

The purpose of the path of discipleship from the standpoint of the Master is his desire to transfer his light, his attainment, his awareness of God, the consciousness of the Most High. How will he do this? He must first prepare the vessel in his disciples. He himself is a disciple of the one who has gone before him...

Jesus established his community of the called-out ones. Gautama established his 'sangha'(spiritual community). He knew that the great light of the Word incarnate must be held collectively by the striving ones, the disciples. Not one alone could contain the allness of God or fulfill the mission initially established by avatar. It would take many disciples to be the branches of the vine of the founding one, many disciples carrying the light. What is the destruction or the potential destruction of community? It is this: that the disciples do not love one another, that they are in discord or competition or criticism to each other.